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 1. They Don’t Assume the Worst 

It’s amazing how many problems wouldn’t exist if we didn’t invent them. Positive people know that leaping to conclusions is usually a bad idea. Instead of freaking out about an unanswered text (“What if they don’t like me?”), they go on with their day (“hmm, they must be busy!”). Before they decide another person is untrustworthy, they make an honest effort to find out more about them. 

2. They Don’t Resist the Truth 

It’s easy to live in a lie because lies can grow so strong that it can eventually make people forget about the truth. Positive people know that they need to face the truth and live with it because making excuses will never get a solution for what have gone wrong. 

3. They Don’t Hold On To Resentment 

Positive people understand that resentment only causes pain in life over and over again, so they let go of it. They choose to accept and forgive things happened in the past to move on with what they have learned from the incidents. 

4. They Don’t Forget the Little Things 

Is it easy to forget the little things? Certainly. But positive people don’t make a habit of it. Instead, they express gratitude for every blessing, no matter how big or small. They know it’s silly to think more stuff will make them feel better if they can’t be happy about what they have. 

5. They Don’t Pass the Buck 

Positive people realize they are the CEO of their life and thus take full responsibility for how things are. They didn’t get “stuck in traffic” — they were late. They didn’t “have something come up” — they forgot. Positive people don’t claim “they can’t help it,” because they can do anything they set their mind to. 

6. They Don’t See Problems as “Problems” 

The word “problems” is seen as “challenges” for positive people. They believe that every obstacle comes as an opportunity that is yet to be discovered. Positive people take the chance to challenge themselves and improve their life. 

7. They Don’t Resign Themselves to “Reality.” 

This “reality” most people speak of sounds like a dreadful place where dreams go to die. Positive people know that anything is possible with consistency and hustle, so they choose to write their own reality. 

8. They Don’t Expect Something for Nothing 

Positive people don’t fall for “lose weight fast” or “get rich quick” scams. They know that anything worth having requires hard work (often, lots of it). Positive people are comfortable with the fact that achieving success might take a bit longer than they would like (but will be so worth it). 
积极的人不会掉入“迅速减肥” “快速致富” 这样的陷阱里去。他们知道每件事都需要努力付出(持续,大量的努力)。积极的人永远乐于接受现实,哪怕成功的道路会比想象中要稍微长点(但绝对值得)。 

9. They Don’t Get Bored 

Boredom is a place where creativity, inspiration, and productivity die. Positive people are fascinated by everything around them. They explore the world with enthusiasm and curiosity, asking as many questions as they can. On a similar note, fun fact: did you know you have atoms in your body that were created in a star 13 billion years ago? True story (so you don’t get to be bored). 
无聊扼杀创造力、激情和效率。积极的人会对周围的一切感到惊喜。他们带着激情和好奇去探索世界,问着各类问题。同样有趣的事实:你知道体内有一些分子是13亿年前就已经出现的么? 是真的哦!(你永远都不会觉得无聊了)。 

10. They Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Hijack Their Brain 

Positive people don’t subject themselves to a chorus of self-defeating negative thoughts. When a negative thought passes through their head, they remind themselves: if I wouldn’t say it about another person, I shouldn’t think it about myself. 

11. They Don’t Make Comparison With Others 

Positive people understand that everyone is different and has his own progress, so they don’t compare themselves to other people. They are confident about what they have and what they do. Instead of focusing on how others are doing, they pay attention on how to improve their own life. 

12. They Don’t Agonize Over Every Little Mistake 

Positive people don’t look at failure as a terrible thing to avoid at all costs. They know that failure is a possibility when it comes to trying anything new. Seeing failure for what it is (a learning opportunity and nothing more) helps positive people achieve massive success as they learn and grow. 

13. They Don’t Think Life Is Perfect 

Positive people forget about perfection, because it’s just not possible. When is the last time you thought, “Wow, this is the perfect day to get in shape,” or “You know what? This is the day I quit my job, move to Santa Fe, and pursue my real passion?” Oh, that’s right: you didn’t, because there isn’t a “perfect time” to do anything. Positive people take action in the here and now, perfection be damned. 
积极的人不苛求完美,因为世上本无完美可言啊。“哇,今天真是适合健身的完美日子啊!” 或者“你知道么,就是今天,我要辞职搬到圣达菲起,追求我真正的梦想去了!” 上次这么想是什么时候来着?好像没有对吧,因为做任何事都不会有一个“完美的时机”。积极的人会立即行动,而不是亟待完美时机的到来。 

14. They Don’t Hang Out with Toxic People 

Positive people don’t let negative, toxic people drag them down. Instead, they surround themselves with other positive people who are fun and inspiring to be with. Why should a positive person spend their time with a person who complains about everything and gossips about everybody? Positive people know there is no good answer to that question. 




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